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The leanbelts six sigma course gives you a full overview of many of the basic concepts in Six Sigma and how they apply to 95% of the systems you'll face in industry.

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We've built our platform with your future employer in mind. Once you finish the course and take the test, you or your future employer will be able to verify your certification with our digital certificate.

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We've worked with world class students, Universities, and organizations training top talent in Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

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What our Students are saying

Tom Park

Tom Park

I came from Villanova University and needed to take a six sigma course that would allow me to get certified and included the lean six sigma concepts. This worked with my schedule.

Ethan Gomez

Ethan Gomez

This course was extremely helpful in teaching me the basics of probability and statistics as well as giving me a framework for understanding how I could use them for my own customers in the textiles industry to improve their ordering systems. I would happily recommend the leanbelts curriculum to any professional looking to grow their skillset.

Case Studies: Six Sigma Systems Improve Humanity

Cheap Heart Surgery
Take a Look
Innovative Eyecare/h5> Take a Look
Fixing Technology Businesses
Take a Look


Part 1

Part 1

  1. Part I: Lean
  2. Lean Case Studies
  3. Pivot Tables
  4. Automotive Industry SPC- Examples
  5. Six Sigma Tools

Part 2

Part 2

  1. Six Sigma:
  2. Six Sigma Case Studies
  3. SPC
  4. Healthcare Industry
  5. Team Work

Meet Our Team

Kumar Thangudu - CEO

Kumar is a serial small entrepreneur. He's a graduate of the Industrial Engineering program at Georgia Tech. He's worked on manufacturing facility designs of 100M Tonnes or larger. He's also a ycombinator alum(YCS2012). Outside of leanbelts, Kumar works aggressively in the semiconductor industry working with Integrated Circuit Design and fabrication.

Danny Miller - CTO

Danny is a game developer with a portfolio that has millions of game plays and page views to date. He's enjoys building useful products and programs that help students. Danny's passionate about building products that solve viable problems and has worked on multiple technology startups.

Benjamin Fruin- VP Sales

Benjamin is one of our creative directors and sales pros. Benjamin handles the nitty gritty of answering questions about leanbelts, reaching out to potential customers, and helping improve the leanbelts platform. He has a background in Biology and an MBA from Vanderbilt University.

Jay Arthur - instructor

Jay Arthur is an industry veteran with 23 years of experience teaching lean six sigma and TQM(Total Quality Management). He is also the author of several books in the space. A large number of Fortune 500 companies have even used his six sigma software to improve their own operations.


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(602) 888-3075
LeanBelts Six Sigma


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